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 Damians Mod App

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PostSubject: Damians Mod App   Fri Aug 06, 2010 9:01 pm

Hi! My name is Damian (ingame: Damian) I believe I can help out this server by helping new players out and providing them a friendly person in the mix . Thanks for finding my app and for reading it, and I hope you enjoy.

Spot Applying for- Moderator

In-Game Name- Damian

Age- 16

RSPS History- I have played on many great servers, but I love finding new, growing servers. I have been a Moderator on some Runescape servers in the past such as: JVM company, RuneHeat, and a few others. Helping is what I love to do and is what some people need so it is a necessity.

Attitude- I have a great personality. I'm great to be around because I can make people laugh and also provide knowledge

Hours online daily- Usually 8-15 depending on the day/week. My timezone is EST so I believe that can when no one else is online to help people.

Once again, thank you for viewing my application for Moderator. I accept any decision you guys make. I'll see you ingame

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Damians Mod App
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