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 friend told me this is for staff of light

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PostSubject: friend told me this is for staff of light   Thu Aug 19, 2010 8:52 am

injoy all reccomend me for administration krisnka cya have fu

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
- <item>
<inventoryModel opcode="1">51845</inventoryModel>
<name opcode="2">Staff of light</name>
<modelZoom opcode="4">2256</modelZoom>
<modelRotation1 opcode="5">456</modelRotation1>
<modelRotation2 opcode="6">513</modelRotation2>
<value opcode="12">95000</value>
<members opcode="16">true</members>
<maleWieldModel opcode="23">51795</maleWieldModel>
<femaleWieldModel opcode="25">51795</femaleWieldModel>
- <groundActions opcode="30 - 34">
- <actions opcode="35 - 39">
- <colorChange opcode="40">
- <modifiedModelColors>
- <originalModelColors>
<certID opcode="97">15487</certID>
<vertexXMultiplier opcode="110">128</vertexXMultiplier>
<vertexZMultiplier opcode="111">128</vertexZMultiplier>
<vertexYMultiplier opcode="112">128</vertexYMultiplier>
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friend told me this is for staff of light
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