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 Shawn for Admin rawr!!!!!!!!!!!

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PostSubject: Shawn for Admin rawr!!!!!!!!!!!   Sun Aug 22, 2010 2:35 am

I love this server alot and i decided to try and become a admin, because over the last 4 years of moparscape ive been part of a staff team alot im am experienced in video and banner making(working on banner) ive also been told that i am a good person to other players and staff alike i o not abuse powers and never will. I used to own my own server back in june of 08 called Vengpkers was a good server with about 35+ on everytime so i am not new to this whole moparscape thing. I am a Advertiser always making videos and guides helping on fourms and what not i am always active 1 hour to 2 hours on weekdays because of school and however long i can on weekends everyday unless somethings going on. Ive also know what its like to go through some stuff when a palyer gets in trouble so i know the right punishment and i really dont get mad very easy it takes alot ex. duping i hate dupers ruins server, but i am fair everyone on sagecscape knows me now and i think this was a good and fair time to try and put my skills and knowledge to the test. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Shawn Laughing
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Shawn for Admin rawr!!!!!!!!!!!
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