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 Jad Droplog & How to - Craze

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PostSubject: Jad Droplog & How to - Craze   Wed Jun 13, 2012 8:42 am

1. Bones
2. Bones
3. Bones
4. Bones
5. Bones
Died, jad glitched out of screen.
6. Bones
7. Bones
8. Bones
9. Bones
Died, bad prayer switch jad hitted 906


How to:
This is 1 wave jad with small chance on dropping fire cape.
You need good stats and weapon and prayer atleast 43, defence isnt needed.
Always have melee protect on, when it(he?) will raise his front legs fast switch ranged protect when it will hit 0 again turn on melee protect, then repeat.
When it will hit you DO NOT EAT cause its big chance to die, just switch protects.
It DOES NOT attack with magic as on real runescape.

Sorry for some mistakes iam not from UK or USA.

I will add more kills soon.
OT : can i have a droplogger title? Very Happy
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Jad Droplog & How to - Craze
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