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 sage hates me for NO REASON

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PostSubject: sage hates me for NO REASON   Tue Jul 27, 2010 12:46 pm

sage please un-ip ban me i didnt do anything wrong if you have proof that i have then please show me and i will leave but i didnt do anything wrong so there will be no proof so yea... i expect an apology and will do my best to help you find out who hack/ destroyed? idk what they done so tell me what happened and i will try to help but i dont no anything much but i dont think you can ban me for no reason. Now please give me a valid reason WITH proof and i will leave quietly.
By the way you wonder why people leave your server well il give you a reason because your a selfish, banning people for no reason fagot.
Do u no what? few weeks ago who was that person telling you, begging you not to shut the server down? its was me! yes thats right me! and this is how you repay me by accusing me of something i didn't do!
Atleast reply to me and let me explain and prove i didn't do anything if you dont then your just banning people for no reason and i would recommend new members to NOT join!
Whats the chances you will remove this post and ignore me just because you know im right?

well this is probably my last post as i dont think sage has the balls to un ban me after he know im right

so bye people =[
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PostSubject: Re: sage hates me for NO REASON   Tue Jul 27, 2010 1:14 pm

Hey Random,
You ARE NOT BANNED! You may be thinking that you are but you're not. Try downloading the newest server and logging back on.
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sage hates me for NO REASON
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