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PostSubject: Server   Fri Jul 02, 2010 7:18 pm

I am making this Topic to see what other persons think about this server but first I want to share what I think and what has happened to me...

Day 1

When I first logged on to cheers SageScape cheers I met Owner SageofMali and right when I saw him I was like omg it's sage!!!!!!!!! *side comment* he looks so beast *side comment* and then I met some other staff and players... I started my adventure and began my training. I leveled up pretty fast and I had some fun doing so, I never really saw a server where the training was this fun.

Day 2

I got on pretty early to start playing again and I found a very curios and strange person on named mod ben, later on I found out he could spawn and he was giving stuff out. He traded me a k0 ring and I kept it. (I have given it to the first staff who got on who was Co-Owner king God king ) I started playing and I got pretty good at it and I had a lot of fun and now I am just chilling at home.

This server is pretty beast and I hope everyone including me can get a lot of players to join cause I know they will all enjoy it.

Sincerely santa Shane santa
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